Ilmio brand is currently being updated daily,  whilst this work is on going most of the website will be unavailable however uploads are in process each ad every day.


As the brand is new, the setting up takes the most time and is when a vast amount of companies fail.


We apologise if this causes any inconvenience to yourselves and your patience is very much appreciated.


Kind Regards



il mio Health & Beauty.

Il Mio Health & Beauty is the new company supplying Pembrokeshire Beauty and reflexology.


Leave your stresses behind you and relax with IL MIO Beauty.


Unwind listening to calming music. Your senses will be soothed by the luxurious aromas of essential oils, creating a harmonious atmosphere for you.


Ease yourself into the magical space where every care and attention is given to you, with my unique range of bespoke beauty and holistic treatments.

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